Timeshare Software for Resort management

Viewpoint is changing resort management

While resort management has been a long-standing task for many owners, the digital landscape facilitates innovative solutions to traditional problems. It is not convenient to do tasks like housekeeping, owner servicing, routine maintenance, invoicing, and data management manually. These can lead to burnout from employees, and lapses may even arise from doing all these things at once. Luckily, new technologies making resort management have started to appear.

One of the frontrunners is Viewpoint, a timeshare software that bundles together booking, service management, and other tools alongside cloud storage, RCI, and Owners Travel Club services. For people who are looking for a more efficient way to manage their businesses, Viewpoint is an option that is worth considering.

Cloud storage and the benefits of having backups

During the time of manual input, some resorts would end up losing important documents due to a large volume of files. Nowadays, cloud storage services allow users to access their data remotely. This functionality means that workers in resorts can do tasks from anywhere without staying in one place. When emergencies may come up, this can help resorts stay functioning without burning their workers out or putting them at risk. Plus, the automatic synchronization feature makes it so that data shows up from the get-go, saving time and effort.

Automated RCI exchange saves up on finances

The thing about Viewpoint is that they also incorporate certain services into their bundle. One tool that they have to offer is RCI integration. RCI is a virtual system that enables members to process their data at faster rates. Manually inputting them is no longer the best option when using this system because the automated functionality updates in real-time. Also, the platform consolidates all data into one place, which makes things faster and more efficient.

Reach distribution platforms with optiREZ

Viewpoint also has deals in place with services to ensure higher income and better distribution. optiREZ is one timeshare management system that makes resort management more convenient and simpler. Their platform allows resorts to conduct direct booking and does so in a fast and secure manner. optiREZ users can enjoy a more convenient and profitable way to manage their resort, all while reaching more potential customers.

Make things more interesting with Owners Travel Club

Customers are difficult to retain without making things more interesting for them. It is a good thing that Viewpoint has a partnership with Owners Travel Club, an affiliate program built for timeshare owners. Resorts tied up with the Club will gain access to exclusive discounts, programs, and other benefits. Payment processing platforms are also made more accessible through the program, while optiREZ and other consulting packages are available at reduced rates.

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